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  • IEC 61850 testing in the desert

    Tracking and tracing the GOOSEs: 
    IEC 61850 testing in the desert

  • Let me introduce you to FRANEO 800 ...

    Let me introduce you to FRANEO 800 ...

    Let me introduce you to
    FRANEO 800 ...

  • RelaySimTest


    Busbar protection testing:
    The new way

  • Electrical Engineering Dual

    Electrical Engineering Dual

    New Study Program 'Electrical Engineering Dual' in Cooperation with OMICRON

  • OMICRON South African User Conference

    OMICRON South African User Conference - Dedicated participant for years

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  • RelaySimTest V1.50 available

    Software for simulation-based and distributed protection testing
  • New PTM software version 3.30 available

    New features for CPC 100, CIBANO 500 and FRANEO 800
  • Finding the right training course

    Course calendars for each training center complement the worldwide course overview
  • IEC 61850: Challenges of protection testing

    Sharing knowledge - paper of the month
  • "Come and meet our experts at an upcoming event in your region!"


    We are present at numerous exhibitions and conferences all over the world. Visit us and get to know more about OMICRON and our products. In addition, we invite you to our OMICRON hosted events, where we offer the opportunity to collaborate with industry experts and to exchange best practices.

  • OMICRON hosted Events

    Event Overview


    OMICRON User Workshop - Melbourne

    OMICRON hosted event

    07 Jul - 08 Jul 2015


    PD Monitoring Workshop

    OMICRON hosted event

    13 Jul - 13 Jul 2015


    Conference on Electrical Power Equipment Diagnostics (CEPED)

    OMICRON hosted event

    02 Sep - 04 Sep 2015


    HydroVision International

    Conference & Exhibition



    Conference & Exhibition


    Reunión Internacional de Verano de Potencia, Aplicaciones Industriales y Exposición Industrial



    Beckwith Electric Protection Seminar

    Conference & Exhibition

  • "Extraordinary support starts with the first contact. We always communicate from technician to technician, worldwide and around the clock."


    The electrical power supply must be working reliably 24/7. We support you with free, professional technical support. Close to 40 support engineers and more than 100 training courses worldwide underline this fact. With service centers on all continents and a worldwide network of sales partners we are always close to you.

  • "Quality and innovation is always closely linked to the people who work for you."


    We are highly motivated and constantly willing to try out new things. The high quality level of our products speaks for itself. The combination of these two things shows that customers can rely on us to provide them with the best solutions for their future tasks.

  • "Knowledge is a most important possession that increases when shared."


    Real expert knowledge can only be reached through a collective effort. We are able to increase common know-how by sharing it in multiple conferences, training courses and seminars worldwide. The easy access to this knowledge in the customer area of this website also contributes to this process.